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The Maxim’s water flows from the ancient springs of Calcedonia, at 1200 meters above sea level on Mount Falterona, within the Casentino National Park, in a territory that is still totally unspoiled. The plant is located 45 km from Florence, surrounded by 35,170 hectares of protected forest. Such a location and the geological characteristics of the area combine to produce exceptionally pure water of great lightness and extremely balanced physical-chemical composition. Thanks to its purity, Maxim’s water is particularly indicated to accompany meals because it does not alter the quality and taste of food.

The Casentino Park in the Green List

When we say that Maxim’s water is PURE water, we don’t mean it so much. The National Park of the Casentino Forests has been recognized as one of the 49 places of protected areas in the world which is part of the GREEN LIST of the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature), practically the “Nobel” of nature.
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👉 Casentino forest admitted to the Green List of the most important parks in the world

«The Green list represents the apogee of an exceptional palmarès for the National Park, which already in 2017 had seen recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the first in Italy for the ecological value of a natural environment. The IUCN had registered only 49 protected areas in the world out of 200,000 in the ‘Green list’ up to now. We knew we could do it and this motivated an extraordinary effort. I thank the employees of the organization, the companies, the mayors, the associations and the citizens for the hard work that united us and made it possible for our protected area to formalize the achievement of the ‘Nobel’ of world nature ”
Luca Santini, president of the Casentino Forest National Park, Mount Falterona and Campigna

Chemical analysis at the source

75.9 mg/l

Fixed Residue at 180°

111 uS/cm

Electric conducibility at 20°

6,7° C

Temperature at the Spring


PH at 25° C

6,1 mg/l

Carbon dioxide

3,69 mg/l


Substances dissolved in 1 liter of water

(Ca++) 19,5 mg/l
(Mg++) 1,43 mg/I
(K+) 0,49 mg/l
(Na+) 3,69 mg/l
(F-) <0,2 mg/I
(HCO3-) 63 mg/I
(NH4+) < 0,01 mg/l
(Ni) < 0,002 mg/l
(As) < 0,001 mg/l
  • microbiologically pure
  • suitable for diets low in sodium

Perugia, 04/10/2017